a scheduling note

“Water is important to people who do not have it, and the same is true of control.”

Thank you for all the kind messages and good wishes since my last note. Much, much appreciated.

I’m feeling better every day. A follow up visit to the doctor today did NOT result in a return to the ER, yay. But this medical situation (which began creeping up on me about eight days ago) has been exhausting. News-wise, I’m far from my sharpest.

So in the interest of putting out a readable, insightful, and above all accurate newsletter, (de)regulation nation will return next week. Look for some “extras” and “specials” in your inboxes to catch up for this week’s missed editions.

Thanks as ever for your subscriptions and support.


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This note’s quote is by Joan Didion, from the essay “Holy Water,” included in her book "The White Album.”