(de)regulation nation is moving...

...at least there are no boxes to pack...

(de)regulation nation is a weekly newsletter covering environment and public health news in the Trump era. Each issue of (de)regulation nation:

  • Tracks the Trump administration’s rollbacks of environmental and public health protections

  • Amplifies reporting that holds the administration accountable, and covers the consequences of its anti-regulatory actions

  • Includes good news about who’s fighting back and what’s going right, across the political spectrum

I’ve been producing (de)regulation nation since March, using MailChimp for the newsletter and WordPress for the online archive. But wrestling with back-end technologies that are tricky to optimize for journalism is not what I got into this for.

So I’m going to bring it all over here to SubStack, which has been built specifically for publishing news in newsletter format, and we’ll see how it goes.