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I’m taking a break from the bad, better, good, and great to announce something that it’s outright thrilling to share at last: (de)regulation nation is teaming up with the hit podcast Drilled.

Once a month, I’ll be joining Drilled creator and host Amy Westervelt to dig into an important climate change story. Find it wherever you get your podcasts, or listen via the web.

For June, we’re taking a look at a Massachusetts lawsuit with national ramifications. The case over ExxonMobil’s oil storage facility in Everett, a small and densely-populated city on the Mystic River not far from Boston Harbor, has survived the corporation’s effort to have it dismissed, as the Boston Globe reported in March.

If the suit goes forward, the information that comes out could reveal details relevant to other climate cases that communities and states across the country are bringing against Big Oil.

The New Yorker calls Drilled “a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the secret history of climate-change denial.” Combining the can’t-look-away appeal of true crime reporting with investigative environmental journalism, Amy explores how Big Oil used public relations and influence campaigns to create climate denial, and how that’s working out now that communities are feeling first-hand the devastating impacts of global warming to their lives and livelihoods.

According to RadioPublic, each episode “presents the damning evidence like a detective unveils how a perpetrator committed a murder, via witnesses, experts, and documentation.” 

Thanks in advance for listening!

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