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(de)regulation nation is the newsletter tracking bad, better, good, and great environmental news. Amid today’s environmental rollbacks and dire warnings, I help you keep up without overwhelming you or bumming you out.

Who’s behind (de)regulation nation?

I’m Emily J Gertz, a journalist and editor with over 15 years environmental reporting experience. I’ve covered politics, law, business, science, technology, health, human rights, and more, for HuffPost, Popular Science, Reveal, Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Scientific American, and more.

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Your paying subscriptions help me keep publishing and improving (de)regulation nation each week. Creating each issue takes about four to six hours of research, reading, writing, and editing. My story choices and analysis are informed by over 10 years as a journalist covering just about every angle on the environment: climate, energy, politics, business, science, technology, justice, human rights, and more.

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