What is (de)regulation nation?

(de)regulation nation is the newsletter that tracks and amplifies environmental news without losing hope.

I read all the bad news about the Trump administration’s wide-ranging rollbacks of environmental protections. I also dig up good news about who’s fighting back and what’s going right, from across the political spectrum.

Then I select best reporting and most important stories, whip them into an email-shaped package, and send it straight to your in-box.

If you think no one aside from a few activists are paying attention Trump administration’s rollbacks of environmental rules, that’s not surprising. These day s the news is often dominated by a narrow selection of stories that are heavy on Washington, D.C.’s political personalities and scandals and intrigues.

Some of these stories, like the Russia investigation, are important.

But it’s just as important that we have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, protected public wild lands, healthy and diverse wildlife populations, fuel-efficient and less-polluting cars, resilient and healthy cities, more renewable energy rather than less, and something like a stable climate. (de)regulation nation keeps its eye on news about those and other environmental issues.

Who’s behind this?

I’m Emily J Gertz, a journalist and editor with over 15 years environmental reporting experience. I’ve covered politics, law, business, science, technology, health, human rights, and more, for HuffPost, Popular Science, Reveal, Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Scientific American, Grist, and other publications.

I launched (de)regulation nation in March 2018, as part of my Tow-Knight Entrepreneurial Journalism Fellowship at the CUNY Newmark Graduate School of Journalism. Learn a bit more about my work at emilygertz.com

Why pay for (de)regulation nation?

Producing each issue takes six to eight hours of research, reading, writing, editing, and production. Help me do more of it by becoming a paying subscriber.

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And yes, a podcast is in development.

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